Secure Input, the centralized input validation library

Gathering information from users is through forms is a key function of most web sites. However, improperly validated input can compromise the security of a web site and it's visitors, corrupt or destroy databases, and even cause the server itself to be compromised. Most web applications are built using PHP, however these PHP scripts have varying levels of validation that makes management and updates extremely difficult.

Powerful, centralized input validation

Secure Input is a PHP library that provides users with a centralized utility for the validation of all user input to all of the scripts on a web site. The library consists of a single file that can be installed in under a minute, and most scripts can be configured to use the library in just a few moments. Use of this centralized script also makes updating the input validation capabilites of your web site a quick and efficient process - simply change the one file and you are done.

Community Maintained, Cost Effective Security Solution

By releasing the Secure Input Library as an open source application, the software is subject to community review. We have even configured the script to be easily read and reviewed so that suggestions for improvements can be made by the community and quickly implemented by the development team. This library is also cost effective for every business and web site, as it is provided free of charge.